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The 10 Most Popular Vyond Video Templates for Company Communications in 2022

Creating a high-priority video can be intimidating, especially when it’s being shared with all the employees at your organization. Even if you know what you want to say, you’re often uninspired or too busy to come up with an original, engaging way to say it. 

At Vyond, we offer more than 200 fully-scripted animated video templates (and counting) to help L&D, HR, and Internal Comms teams not only solve this problem but have fun doing it. 

So if you’re looking for a more effective way to deliver your most critical employee messaging in the coming year, consider signing up for Vyond and using this collection of the 10 video templates for employee communications our customers downloaded the most in 2022. 


#1. The Employee Benefits Overview


During onboarding and open enrollment, share the highlights of (and changes to) your full benefits package in a fresh, entertaining way. 

  • Features a diverse group of representative employees
  • Includes sections that explain PTO, medical, dental, 401k, stock options, and a variety of other benefits
  • As with all our videos, it’s useful as is–or a good starting point for creating something new


#2.  The Quiz Game Show 


Want to make your next video more interactive and effective? Almost 1,500 customers did just that by using this engaging quiz show video template for a variety of training purposes.

  • Create any content categories you want
  • Includes sections for both right and wrong answers
  • Easy to customize with your company branding

#3.  Introducing Your Team


Introduce your team to a new hire, a newly acquired department, or an external vendor with this upbeat video template. 

  • Features a clever approach to describing your team members’ responsibilities and personalities
  • Includes a script for members of a creative agency as an example (account manager, photographer, writer, graphic designer, marketing manager, and accountant), but you can modify the roles and characters as needed


#4.  Impact Report End of Year Video / Annual Report 


This upbeat, highly-visual video template is a great way to succinctly summarize your organization’s most meaningful achievements over the past year, without the need for a narrator. Use it on its own, or as a teaser for a more in-depth version of your annual report. 

  • Created with a combination of our whiteboard style and animated photographic elements
  • Features a mix of animated stats and graphs, and multiple options for transitions between sections 

#5.  Season’s Greetings (from a Distance)


Wish your remote employees or your company partners and vendors a happy holiday season with this short, slightly irreverent video. And if you’d like to send something more targeted at this time of year, also consider using: 

Our Happy New Year template
Our Happy Chrismukkah template
Or our Noche Buena template


#6. Video to Replace PowerPoint Presentations 


Need to internally sell an idea or make a business case to your leadership team? Surprise your audience by creating an engaging video pitch instead of the PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation they’re accustomed to.  

  • Built as a sales pitch deck, but you can use this structure as the basis for all variety of presentations
  • Includes animated elements that compare features, demonstrate ROI, and engagingly present bonus features


#7. Ping, Ring, or Email 


Considering the growing number of remote workers, and the varying communication preferences of different generations of workers, it’s wise to establish some company protocols for when to use email, a collaboration tool like Slack, or pick up your smartphone and make a call. 

This video offers up some best practices in a light, approachable way. 


#8.  Equality vs. Equity Explainer 


Our customers used this very short video last year to help explain the important differences between equality and equity, and explain concepts like allyship. 

  • Uses a powerful visual metaphor to make the point
  • Perfect for including in a longer presentation related to DEIB principles


#9.  What is Intersectionality? 


HR and L&D pros in particular found this short video explainer useful in their diversity training initiatives. 

  • Includes audio of a female narrator reading a short, well-researched script on the subject, which you can adjust or re-record if you’d prefer someone from your company to do the narration


#10.  Supporting Employee Wellness at the End of the Year


“It’s good to remember that the season of cheer can sometimes be the season of stress.” So begins this video offering tips on how employees can practice self-care during the holidays. 

  • Features a whiteboard-style illustration style
  • Includes sections for pointing employees to helpful resources


Want to play around with Vyond Studio and make your own content, free for two weeks? Sign up for our trial to get access to 200+ fully scripted templates, 200+ starter templates, and more than 2,300 scene templates.