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Noche Buena

Video Transcription: Noche Buena Traditions

Noche Buena means good night in Spanish and refers to Christmas Eve for many Latino cultures.


The day exists to celebrate the night of Jesus Christ's birth. Traditions vary from country to country, but the concept is the same. Our big celebration is December 24. In the Mexican tradition, dinner will most likely include homemade tamales. These require hours and hours of preparation. And they're the best ever.

The entire family gathers for a party. There's food everywhere. The music is popping. People are dancing. And we all play games.


The festivities go on all night. But at 12:00 midnight--


--we open gifts and end the night. So what do we do on Christmas day? We take the time to rest, eat leftovers, and just enjoy being with family. I hope you got to learn a little bit about what Noche Buena means and is. Feliz Navidad, and thank you for watching.


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