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Vyond showcases their new tools and technologies at DevLearn 2022

Last week, our team took the DevLearn 2022 Conference & Expo by storm in Las Vegas. We joined a diverse community of over 3,500 tech movers, shakers, and e-learning professionals to celebrate where “learning comes to life”, and showcase Vyond’s latest fall release to the world.



DevLearn is where folks in the L&D field get to discuss the business-critical issues facing our industry right now, and the awesome technologies and products being developed to solve them. Featuring 150+ sessions spread over two days, attendees could take their pick from a diverse range of topics including: Contextual Microlearning, Gamify Your Course Design Process, and The Art of Storytelling.


 Vyond employees interacting with DevLearn 2022 attendees 


“The export option for review is my fave. Can’t wait for you to add layers so overlaid objects are easier to manage. Keep the features coming!” 

Ray Handley, Senior Learning Designer at Downer New Zealand


Keynote speakers included renowned physicist Michio Kaku, brain scientist Cori Lathan, Kevin Bethune, author of reimagining design, and chemistry professor, Dr. Kate Biberdorf.

During her explosive keynote, Vyond’s sponsored speaker, Kate the Chemist, put on some entertaining experiments to help explain the importance of representing diversity in education. Our growing library of relatable and customizable characters is key to the success of Vyond’s video templates – improving employees’ ability to learn through connecting with animated characters.


“[Vyond is the] Best 2D animation tool” 

Abdul Rafay, Creative Designer at Landster


Discussions around the evolution of e-learning were high on the agenda, with presentations like The Future of the Mind, The Power of Transformative Design, Technology Trends That Will Enhance Human Performance, and Blowing Up Stereotypes in Learning.

CEO Gary Lipowitz talks Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and content creation 

Gary Lipkowitz, Vyond’s CEO, took to the DevLearn stage to discuss: AI and the Race for Intelligent Content Creation, touching on how supercomputers could “surpass the abilities of any human”, and how “The Singularity” concept points to a day when AI could teach us, humans, instead. 


 Vyond CEO Gary Lipkowitz presenting at DevLearn 2022 


He demonstrated bringing digital personas to life in animated videos with VyondAI – the stuff of science fiction. Utilizing the smartest AI and ML capabilities and time-saving technologies, he detailed how the technology allows you to create high-quality, relatable “real-life” videos.


 Vyond's CEO, Gary Lipkowitz, talking about AI, ML, and content creation at DevLearn 2022 


Attendees of Gary’s talk came away fully versed in Photo to Character, Instant Video Translation, AI Prop Generation, and other ways to build amazing animated videos for different customer types. A lucky few also bagged the much-coveted Vyond hoodie. Don’t worry if you missed Gary at DevLearn though, our fall release blog will bring you up to date. (But no more hoodies left, unfortunately!) 


“Vyond was something that everyone was talking about.” 

Ronny Lohuis, Senior Consultant at The Courseware Company


Vyond’s stand-out show

We loved sharing our learning technologies with other DevLearners, and showcasing Vyond’s game-changing video creation products. As well as VyondAI, there was also plenty of buzz around the Import/Export copy feature and Instant Translation – real-time savers for today’s busy professionals. 


“[Vyond’s stand] on the exhibit floor generated so much enthusiasm.” 

Ronny Lohuis, Senior Consultant at The Courseware Company


 Vyond's booth at DevLearn 2022 


“That’s a good-looking booth!” 

Adam Perry Vice President of Product Marketing at Folloze

Fall Release Launch Party


 A Vyond decoration for the DevLearn launch party 


On Wednesday night, a select number of guests enjoyed Vyond’s invite-only Fall Release launch party, complete with live music and custom cocktails.


 Vyond launch party attendees - DevLearn 2022 


After some heartfelt words of thanks to our customers, we toasted Vyond’s latest capabilities with a Vyond Gimlet. And congratulations to our raffle winner – enjoy the Oculus VR headset. Can’t wait to see everyone at DevLearn ‘23!


 Vyond launch party attendees taking a group picture - DevLearn 2022 


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