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Vyond Studio Productivity Features

One of the greatest things about creating animated videos with Vyond is how easy it is to create, update, and iterate on video projects. Internal training can be adjusted for external marketing, a branded video template can be shared with the entire company, a recruiting video can become a holiday sale campaign, and more. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss a few features designed to increase productivity while creating your videos – allowing you to invest less time and effort to achieve polished, professional end products.

Global Editing

Global editing makes it possible to instantly swap an asset that appears in multiple scenes of your video. This can be a huge timesaver in two ways:

  • Want to change out a character or other asset that appears in multiple scenes? Replace it once, and that change will propagate throughout your video.
  • Have an older video that’s almost what you need? Use an older video as a starting point. Start from there and use global edit to bulk-replace props and characters throughout your video to bring it in-line with your current vision.

Premade Templates

Vyond Studio has hundreds of pre-made templates for each of our styles, covering a broad range of scenarios, settings, and job types. These templates can often be used nearly unchanged, or as a starting point for your scene.

Take a look at this post for more detailed information on creating videos from templates.

Expanded Timeline

The expanded view of the timeline makes it easy to see the props and effects within your scene and gives a quick, visual way to make changes to the timing of assets and effects by simply clicking and dragging from the timeline.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time while making a video. These shortcuts allow you to easily perform tasks like copying and pasting, undo and redo, and even more advanced tasks like entering preview mode or moving assets forward or backward.

Click here for a full list of keyboard shortcuts and printable guide.

Legacy Video Migration Update

We previously announced that Legacy videos would be migrated to Vyond Studio by April 11th. Due to technical considerations, the migration has been delayed, and will be complete in early May. Thank you for your patience.