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These days, a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy is an absolute must for businesses that want to be competitive and grow.

Video is one of the more exciting ways companies can create awareness and inbound customers.

To learn more about how businesses can use video as part of their overall marketing strategy, we pinged an acclaimed expert on the topic, Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s Founder and CTO.

Here are his thoughts on successful video marketing.

1. As a pioneer of inbound marketing, how can businesses leverage video marketing in their inbound marketing strategies? How does HubSpot incorporate videos in its overall strategy?

We think video is an exceptional channel as part of an inbound marketing strategy. We’ve seen businesses big and small, tech and non-tech make great use of video for their marketing. Everything from “How To” videos to office walk-throughs to interviews with the founders. Video engages in a way that other forms of media don’t. At HubSpot we produce a lot of video content as part of our inbound marketing efforts. We create webinars that address business topics of interest. We’ll have interviews with marketing thought leaders. We had a weekly live show called “The Marketing Update” which ran for over two years. And, we have our funny music videos, like the recent “Gangnam Inbound Style” video which has now had almost 200,000 hits.

2. It’s only been a few years since “You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing” became viral, inspiring the marketing community to rethink marketing. What would you say are the top five factors that have contributed to the success of videos HubSpot has created?

The things that have worked for us:

1.) Not taking ourselves too seriously. Humor works well.
2.) Production quality helps, but it doesn’t have to be Oscar-winning material. People care more about the message and the usefulness of the video. In the age of YouTube, people are forgiving of low-production quality, as long as the video is useful.
3.) Some basic SEO (even for YouTube) helps. Get the title and description right.
4.) We embed videos in our blog. This gives it additional distribution (because our blog readership will see it). But, more important, it causes more engagement in terms of comments and discussion.
5.) We let people be creative and take risks. Some of our videos have been a bit “edgy”. We try not to be overly conservative — even though we’re selling primarily to a B2B audience.

3. From all the videos HubSpot has made, what lessons have you and the team learned in terms of what NOT to do when making a video?

The worst thing to do is make a completely boring video. Videos that are pure marketing puff pieces don’t spread.

4. Any actionable tips on what marketers SHOULD do to make their next videos easy, shareable, or just plain lovable?

For those businesses that have not done video before, get started. I know the “blank canvas” is intimidating. You’ll be tempted to wait until you have “just the right equipment.” But, that doesn’t matter. You can make a compelling video with just an iPhone. The key is to be genuine and have something interesting to say.