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Branded Explainer Video

This video shows the use of brand elements like colors, fonts, and logos. Customize the colors and other elements according to your brand guidelines and make it your own.

Video Transcription: Brand Explainer Video

Shopping online is super convenient. Did you know 2.05 billion people worldwide purchase goods online? It's fast and easy, but waiting for your package to arrive is not. You can't leave home, can't make other plans. You might not even know how many packages will arrive until you hear the doorbell ring. Oops.

Introducing Logmoove. Logmoove is a one-stop logistics service, putting quick access to package position and delivery info right in the palm of your hand. You can select a delivery time in just a few clicks. Pick green energy delivery options to reduce your carbon emissions, making delivering more transparent. Logmoove, delivery for the digital age.

Create Your Own Animated Videos

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