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Your customer’s experience will make or break your hospitality brand’s success, and your frontline hospitality workers impact that experience more than any other factor you can control. Make sure you equip your staff to provide the best experience possible.

The key to empowering hospitality professionals to solve customer problems? Training. By creating hospitality training courses for your staff, you can improve the customer experience, create consistency, and encourage both customer and employee retention.


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Why use Online Training Courses in the Hospitality Industry

PwC found that 32% of customers stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience. The top three reasons for driving customers away were bad employee attitudes, unfriendly service, and unknowledgeable employees. You can mitigate those problems with better hospitality training.

As a hospitality industry professional, you’re onboarding new staff frequently. If you don’t have well-crafted onboarding processes in place, important details can fall through the cracks, causing customer dissatisfaction and ultimately harming your business. Online training, or eLearning modules, consisting of videos, interactivity, and other media can help in some of the following ways.

Consistent Training

Because of high staff turnover, a consistent and reliable hospitality training system is vital. In-person training can be inconsistent because the same person may not lead the training in the same way each time.

eLearning courses give you more control over your training. Because you can design and pre-set your courses, you can make sure every detail is covered in a way that reinforces your company brand. When every employee watches the same video, everyone gets the same training for every role across locations. Many hospitality companies will create blended training modules with eLearning videos, scenarios, and quizzes before moving employees to guided on-the-floor shadowing and real-life practice.

Staff Can Learn Anytime, Anywhere

It’s important to find a process that saves your team time and doesn’t require staff to spend too much time off the floor. With video training courses, staff members can complete training when it’s convenient for them. This time flexibility is especially helpful in the hospitality industry, where staff members are often on the go. Online learning ensures that employees can learn wherever they may be and “just-in-time” when they need it. Depending on needs and preferences, hospitality companies can make training available for immediate access in a variety of ways:

Track Metrics to Improve Training

Many learning management systems (LMSs)—platforms that host online training courses—offer in-depth analytics so you can see how your staff members are engaged in the training. You’ll be able to see where individual employees are in a course, as well as data on overall trends, such as completion times and assessment scores.

In TalentLMS, for example, one company used metrics to discover that adding video increased engagement by 55.6%. This TalentLMS dashboard shows how the addition of videos can boost engagement:

Image reads, "Insights: 77.4% participation (+64.3%), 66.7% engagement (+55.6%), 49.4% progress (+50%), 45.5% completion rate (+50%)

Use assessments to test employee knowledge retention to ensure that they are ready for the job. Identify trends in knowledge retention assessments to determine whether you need to make changes to your training course. If employees are consistently getting an answer wrong, the part of the course that teaches that topic might need to be updated.


Once you create your training courses, they can be used again and again for every employee. Animated video software, like Vyond, makes creating quality training videos a snap . And to host your training courses, LMS software is available in a wide range of pricing models, so there are options for every budget and need.


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Hospitality training video templates and examples

Hospitality training video programs can benefit numerous hospitality sectors—restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and events, to name a few. Watch a few examples below and access Vyond Studio video templates to start creating your own animated training videos.

Check-In Experience Training

For the hospitality industry, video training ensures consistency in your employees’ basic skills, like front-desk check-in procedures. Use your video to illustrate systems, as well as best practices for guest services.

Flight check-in for airline employees

This airline check-in training video illustrates procedures for a customer with accessibility needs. With a video scenario, the situation becomes relatable, and the process is easier to understand. 

Customer Service & Phone Support Training

Video is ideal for illustrating proper phone support etiquette. Training videos can share tips for creating high-quality interactions that build long-lasting customer relationships. Here’s an example from our company that can be modified to fit multiple training use cases. Access this video as a template or watch our team build it from scratch in Vyond Studio.

Watch more customer support video examples here.

Food Safety Training

Animated video training is particularly useful in the hospitality industry to educate employees about food safety. You can use video to ensure food service employees are retaining specific details, like how long food can be left out in the food temperature danger zone.

This video, created by the Duval County Public Schools’ food services provider, offers safety tips to minimize the risk of foodborne illness. Videos like these can be distributed to thousands of employees to ensure food-safety compliance.

Policies & Procedures

Hospitality teams have more compliance procedures than ever before. Animated video can help managers communicate important HR updates, policy changes, safety precautions, and more with front-line employees. Even quick animated GIFs as email reminders can make an impact.

The video below demonstrates how to properly wear a face mask. Access this video as a template and learn how to make your own edits.



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Getting Started with Your Own Hospitality Video Training Program

Develop Your Criteria

Consider the problems you’re currently facing in your training and onboarding processes. Where does your staff struggle most? Where are managers spending the most time in correcting new hires? Which training processes can be turned into videos? 

If your staff struggles with training engagement, interactive courses and gamification might help employees stay focused. Be sure to plan for these elements before jumping into creation mode. Before getting started it’s also a good idea to consider your budget and video style. Will you need actors and voiceover artists or can everything be created internally?

Begin Scripting and Storyboarding

Once you’ve made your initial plan, you’re ready to start scripting. Writing a script and storyboarding your ideas is the best way to prepare your hospitality training series. When you plan how you want to express your ideas, you’re less likely to run into hiccups when video creation begins.

Remember that scripting for video—especially animated video—is different from writing in any other medium. With pictures and sound added to help you tell your story, not every word needs to be spoken. Try to thinking visually as you’re writing your script, and consider what scripted elements can be visualized instead.

Choose the Best Learning Management System for Hospitality

With a learning management system, you can organize your online training and make them accessible in a central location. No two LMSs are the same, so define your criteria for the tool before you start researching.

If you are looking for better insight into the effectiveness of your hospitality training courses, assessments, and other analytics features will help determine staff members’ knowledge retention. Since your employees are often on the go, whether on a flight or at an event, a mobile app can be beneficial. A mobile app will provide access to training when employees need it, whether they’re learning during off-hours or reviewing a topic on the job.

Sceenshot from Docebo

Here are just a few of the major LMS options on the market:

  • SAP Litmos emphasizes its ability to scale and can support more than 1 million users. You can assign courses by role. Whether you’re training kitchen staff or front-desk agents, you can make sure your employees have the right content.
  • TalentLMS is loved by small and mid-sized hospitality businesses because it’s easy to set up, easy to use, and even easier to master.
  • 360Learning places a strong emphasis on data. Determine what’s working and what needs improvement with feedback, evaluation data, and peer reviews.
  • GoSkills has a free LMS that could be a great fit for small companies. It offers plenty of organizational features and is easy to set up and use.
  • Docebo Learn is an AI-powered LMS that learns from user searches to offer relevant courses. If you have a lot of supplementary content that isn’t required, this feature may help staff find additional training to level up their skills and get a promotion.

When you’ve narrowed down your options, complete free trials or demos of your top picks to see the software in action before you make a commitment.


Make Engaging Hospitality Training Videos with Vyond

Once you have your pre-production and video distribution plans in place, it’s time to create your training videos. Vyond’s animated video software makes it easy to create professional hospitality training videos without a designer.

Both small and large organizations use Vyond for their employee training. Take a peak at a few of the ways KFC uses Vyond video training for their teams:

“Learning how to use Vyond has been one of the easiest things my team and I have done. I recently had a new employee use Vyond for the first time, and she was able to create an amazing video of the KFC Colonel in just a few hours!” — Gina Maynard, Training Leader, Learning Excellence, KFC-US and YUM! Brands

Vyond includes templates and prebuilt scenes for speedy video making, including a wide range of character outfits and actions to suit the hospitality industry. 

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