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Customer Support Training: The P.E.T.E Framework

Use this template to help employees manage sales and support calls more effectively. This video focuses on one particular framework—P.E.T.E.—but you can change the voiceover and individual points to model best practices for your own support team.

Video Transcription: Customer Support Training with P.E.T.E.

CALLER: This was honestly such a waste of time.

CONSULTANT: I'm sorry you feel that way, ma'am. I can--


PRESENTER: Looks like you haven't met P.E.T.E.

CONSULTANT: Pete? The guy from finance?

PRESENTER: Uh, no. The P.E.T.E model. Mastering this concept will ensure that you provide best-in-class service to all of our customers. The P in P.E.T.E stands for positive. It's our responsibility to make sure each customer leaves with a positive mental image of Vyond. E is for effective. Give customers the most effective solution, not the easiest. T is for timely. No one likes to wait around for answers.

Get back to customers as soon as you can and set expectations if there could be a delay. E stands for exceed expectations. To provide great service, you need to exceed expectations in small but meaningful ways. Checking off P.E.T.E helps ensure a great customer experience and a positive reflection on Vyond.

CONSULTANT: Wow, this was very helpful.

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