Top 10 Videos HR Managers Create with Vyond

    1. Orientation and onboarding
    2. Explanation of benefits
    3. Policy descriptions
    4. Change management
    5. Training & development (microlearning)
    6. Introductions
    7. Recruitment
    8. Internal event promotion
    9. Building Culture
    10. Wellness


How Can Vyond Help Human Resources?

Important announcements and new policies need to be distributed quickly. With Vyond, you can make videos your team can watch anywhere in the world, regardless of language or time zone. In minutes, you can create memorable videos for a more productive, more informed staff. Vyond keeps your team on the same page to help you increase engagement, retention, and performance from top to bottom. HR teams can use video to:

Build Culture

Employees get the message you deliver in a novel format that increases engagement and retention. You can create short films that build culture through relatable characters, dialogue, and a range of dynamic charts and graphs.

Increase Engagement

Video is the most engaging form of content. You can keep your employees captivated — while still delivering important information — with video that gets results. Drive adoption, increase engagement, and speed up productivity across the organization.

Improve Employee Results

The distributed workforce of today wants self-paced, mobile content. With video, you can create content that’s accessible anywhere, on any device, through a medium they already use. Customizable templates, characters, and props keep your message on brand, every time.

See What’s Possible

Present information in a relatable, engaging, and exciting way with Vyond. Watch what other makers have created, and then start a free trial to make your first video.