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Actionable Valentine’s Day video marketing ideas for any business, small or large.

Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity to connect with your audience and leverage a holiday theme in your marketing. In order to stand out in a crowded landscape, you’re going to need a way to earn attention in a sea of companies with similar goals.

Video is the missing link that can turn a good campaign into a great one. Video-based campaigns have the highest average click-through-rate among all advertising mediums. When done right, it’s the best way to engage an audience and rise above the competition. Even if you’re a last minute marketer, or you’ve never made a video before, there are still plenty of ways to pull it off.

Here are five ideas and video templates to get you started on a Valentine’s Day video marketing campaign.

Use Animation

Animation conveys messages in powerful ways. Watch how Michael Kors, Bank of Queensland, Turkish Airlines, Chipotle, and Heinz executed these successful love-focused animation campaigns.

The average marketer may not have the resources this level of production, but that doesn’t mean the medium is exclusive to big brands. Any business, small or large, can enjoy the benefits of animated video.


This simple text-based animated video template is a good place to start. Script out your message, change the colors and fonts, add an image of your product, and you’ll have a complete video. Sign into a GoAnimate account or free trial and then click here to open this video in your account.

Watch another example of this template in action.

Love Your Customers

People like to feel appreciated, and a simple thank you goes a long way. Send an animated Valentine or “thank you” GIF to your customers. Remind them you exist and that you’re working hard for their business. You’ll likely see some direct ROI from the effort.

Valentine's Day Video Marketing Templates-2

Feel free to swipe this GIF and use it as-is in your own email marketing or social campaigns.

Sign into a GoAnimate account or free trial and click here to modify it. GoTeam subscribers can export videos as animated GIFs. 

Host a Love Story Contest

Ask your community to share their love stories with you for a chance to win something special. It could be your product or service, or something else entirely. Free coffee for a year, a gym membership for two, a fun night out, or a discount on wedding photography, for example.

Watch how Dunkin Donuts featured a customer love story in their Valentine’s Day contest:

And this call for stories by Doublemint Gum:

Scene templates like these those in the video below will help you run your own version of this idea with animated video.  Stick to animation on it’s own, or mix in your own videos and images. Sign into your GoAnimate account or free trial and click here to use these scenes in your account.


Promote a Valentine’s Day Discount

Discounts are a great way to drive holiday revenue, and promoting them with GIFs will grab attention in email campaigns, landing pages, and on social media. It will only take a few minutes to modify this template to reflect your brand and coupon code.

Sign into a GoAnimate account or free trial and click here to customize it in your account. GoAnimate GoTeam subscribers can export and share videos as animated GIFs. 

Valentine's Day Video Marketing Templates-1

Celebrate Heart Health

February is also heart health month. At GoAnimate, we celebrate with a “Fit February” contest and encourage our customers to hold their own competitions along with us. Use our video to do the same at your company. Or, modify the template for other heart healthy purposes. Try inviting your customers to join you in a virtual Valentine’s Day workout or promoting your health-conscious business practices.


How to Use These Video Templates 

The five templates in this post are free to try with a paid account or 14-day free trial of GoAnimate. Customers can download and share, and GoTeam subscribers can export GIFs.

Follow these steps to access the templates:


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