A recent Invodo study reveals that not only do videos get watched, but they also cause people to linger, to share, and to eventually buy. Visitors will watch product videos 60% of the time and those who do are 174% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t.

At GoAnimate, we’re passionate about marketing videos, but we also know that there is more to the process than just making the video. Once you’ve done the hard work of creating a quality video, how can you ensure that it will actually be seen?

You don’t have to achieve the mythic viral status to get value from your videos. Aside from making a really great video that people want to watch, one of the best ways to ensure your video gets the maximum traction is to optimize it for the search engines.

How to Optimize Your Videos for the Search Engines

As video lovers, we know an awful lot about video and a little bit about video SEO.

So we’re happy to answer any of your video writing and production questions since that is our area of expertise. But for video SEO, we would rather bring you knowledge straight from of the experts. The articles below were written by the pioneers and titans of the field, and should help you generate the best return on your marketing videos.

10 Video SEO Tips to Improve Rank and User Experience

In this quick, succinct post, Chelsea Adams gives you an overview of the most basic of basics (with links off to more in-depth covering of most of the topics).

Key takeaways?

  • Quality first

  • Words matter

  • Take advantage of YouTube

  • Don’t let the techie stuff scare you away

Video SEO with Wistia

If the idea of that techie stuff scares you anyway, Wistia is here to help. Their resource page on Video SEO not only walks you through the process of using their tools to tae care of things like Robots.txt files and video sitemaps, it also takes the time to explain the various terminology in plain English.

As a bonus, there’s a video of their oddly but almost endearingly intense Video SEO expert talking about the benefits of Video SEO to your business.

Key Takeaways?

  • No, really, don’t let the tech stuff scare you.

  • Now you know more than what works, but a little bit about why it works.

  • Don’t forget about the environment in which your video lives.

Building A Video SEO Strategy

Going beyond the tech stuff, Distilled’s Phil Nottingham gives us the low down on how to integrate video marketing tech and technique into every aspect of your video campaign. This is a slightly more advanced understanding of the applications of video SEO within a marketing campaign, but is eminently readable and chock-full of knowledge.

And in true Phil Nottingham fashion, he provides links to a lot more resources to answer any lingering questions and provide the intrepid reader with more in-depth information on topics he only skims, including his own comprehensive guide to video marketing.

Key takeaways:

  • Involve your SEOs from the beginning of the video production, not just during the technical implementation

  • Be wary of hosting on YouTube when conversion is your aim

  • Take advantage of YouTube (and Vimeo and other platforms) when brand awareness is your goal

  • Be intentional in the story that you tell

How to Leverage Investment in Video to Build More Links

Another one from Phil Nottingham, this time discussing the ways in which video is a powerful tool for the one the ultimate SEO goals: building valuable links (because they improve your ranking in the search engines as well as sending traffic directly to your site).

He outlines the nine ways in which video can be used toward that end: as a media type for interactive content, as link bait, as content for YouTube leads, as targeted ads on video networks, as enrichment for static pages, as blog support, as guest content on more visible sites than your own, as a series on high profile platforms, as more relevant PR than a standard press release.

And, being Phil Nottingham, he gives you plenty of examples, as well as information on the kind of technical know-how required for each use.

  • Don’t limit your awareness of video’s marketing uses

  • Videos don’t have to go viral to be valuable

  • Be aware of your audience and venue with each video you make

Top Video SEO Tips: How to SEO Your Videos for Search

This is basically a list of resources for all sorts of practical Video SEO applications – everything from optimizing video landing pages to making the most of YouTube and Social Media.

There’s quite a lot of overlap, but it’s so stuffed with helpful tidbits that we couldn’t pass it by.

Key takeaways? Too many to name. Just read it.

The Tip of the Iceberg

As you can tell from looking at these resources, there is a plethora of knowledge available on the topic of making your video visible in the search engines. What we’ve put together here covers the basics to get you started. Each of the articles above also links to more advanced resources when you’re ready for them.

Have you found any really great articles or guides to video SEO not listed here? We’d love to know. Is there a topic we haven’t covered? We’ll find the answers or put you in touch with someone who can.

Because we know that you’ve made some great videos for your business, but as Chelsea asks in the first post,“if a video plays and no one is there it hear it, does it make a sound?”