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3 Reasons to Attend an HBCU

This video breaks down what Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are, using real images with animated hand gestures and narration. This template video can easily be modified to showcase any location with replaceable photo templates that can be used to feature a school or other destination.

Video Transcript: 3 Reasons to Attend an HBCU

Congress officially defines an HBCU as a school established before 1964, whose principal mission was and is the education of Black Americans.

These establishments became prevalent after the Civil War and were dedicated to the newly free African-American population. Before the establishment of HBCUs, access to higher education for Black students was virtually non-existent. In total, there are 106 HBCUs that enroll 11% of Black students in the US, while only representing 3% of colleges in the country.

Here are three reasons to consider attending an HBCU:

  1. On average, HBCU tuition rates are almost 30% less than comparable institutions. That makes it the best buy with higher returns at a lower cost.
  2. HBCUs provide the best value in education, which helps to eliminate or reduce student debt for low to middle-income families. This effort could dramatically narrow the racial wealth gap.
  3. In a poll conducted by Gallup Purdue, it was noted that Black graduates of HBCUs are more likely to have felt supported while in college than those who graduated from predominately white institutions. HBCU campuses can serve as a safe and nurturing environment for some students.

These institutions have ensured that every student has had the chance to succeed. By way of affordable pricing and nurturing academic environment, HBCUs are producing some of the leaders of the future. 


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