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Company Awards

Inspired by the prestige and appeal of award shows, we present you with a creative video template for communicating your success to your audience. Whether you won a trophy, received some recognition from an important publisher, or simply want to showcase your recently awarded accolades, edit this fun and engaging Vyond video template and proudly celebrate your hard-earned wins.

Video Transcription: Company Awards

[Reporter 1]

We're reporting live from the first annual Golden Moon Company Awards, honoring those companies that went above and beyond this year.

[Reporter 2]

Let's take a look at the highlights.


...And the award for Professional Development goes to... Zodio!

...And the award for Innovative Design goes to... Zodio!

...And the award for Best Business Solution goes to... (surprise surprise)... Zodio!

[Reporter 2]

In an astonishing flex, Zodio swept the first annual Golden Moon Company Awards.

[Reporter 1]

We love to see it, Tom.

Inspired by the 

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