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Happy vs Successful Customers

Video is one of the most engaging mediums to use for it lets you forge meaningful connections with customers by effectively capturing their attention while delivering a powerful message. Furthermore, video provides your customer success and support teams with on-demand content for educating your audience and nurturing their relationship with your brand. The following video covers the differences between content and successful customers. While happiness is acceptable, you may want to encourage customers to become successful and key contributors to your company's growth. 

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Video Transcription: Happy vs. Successful Customers


Hello, everyone. Today we will be talking about happy versus successful customers. But what makes a customer happy and what makes one successful? What's the difference? To start off, happy customers are pleasant, they don't make any complaints about the product, they're content with their overall experience, and are internally satisfied and advocates for the company.

Successful customers, on the other hand, they make support requests, they ask questions, they provide feedback, and ask for new features. And they really know how to stretch the limits of the product.

They know and receive value from our product. In other words, while happiness can be fleeting, success is something tangible we can really grow our business on. With that being said, our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our successful customers in order to empower both of us to grow and thrive. To ensure early customer success, we can track our feature usage through email campaigns and enable our customers with our short 14-day free trial.

But how do we gain more successful customers after this? Well, here are the three steps to success. By ruthlessly qualifying leads, we can identify who our most successful customers are currently, find similar-looking leads, and allow us to ask the right questions.

We also want to drive our customers, to our newer features. The key is to identify our software's stickiest features, the ones that unlock our core value and correlate with long-term success and retention. So don't be afraid to connect.

Some people can be content but may not be getting the results they want. By following up, we obtain feedback that can ultimately improve our product and our customer experience. Overall, successful customers are our best reward as their success can boost our morale and inspire us to grow and thrive as a business. If we have a wide base of customers to help succeed, we have the makings of a healthy company. Thanks for listening. Cheers


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