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IT Announcement: Mac OS Update

Use this video template as an easy way to notify employees about an important software update. The video was created for the Mac OS update in March 2020, but with some changes, you can use it for a variety of IT-related announcements.

Video Transcription: IT Announcement | Mac OS Update

Hi, team. Apple released an OS update on March 24. You likely have your system set to automatically apply updates, and when you restart your system, this update will be applied. It is not considered a major update, and therefore, should not require administrator-level credentials to install. The update takes around 25 minutes to install once it begins.

Note, after the update is installed, you may see the following prompt. Please uncheck this box, and do not sync your files to iCloud Drive. As you know, our company-approved cloud storage platforms are Google Drive and Dropbox. So no work-related content should be stored in iCloud Drive.

After updating, you'll see this pop-up. Just click OK to dismiss. If you have any questions or run into any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to your IT managers.


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