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Perfecting the Pitch

Use this template to teach employees how to effectively deliver pitches about your company. Update the video with a new voice-over recording so the main character is talking about your company instead of Vyond. You can also edit the character details to depict one of your own employees, so the video feels a bit more personal for your team.

Video Transcription: Perfecting the Sales Pitch Scenario


[CHARACTER 1} Hey, I see you in this elevator all the time. You're on the ninth floor. Right? What does your company do?

[NARRATOR] You have 15 seconds. What do you say? Where do you start? How do you begin? This is your chance. Focus on the basics and use simple language. What's your company's name? Who do you work with? And how do you help them?

[CHARACTER 2] We're Vyond, and we help learning and development teams and marketing departments produce high-quality video for their internal and external communications

[CHARACTER 1] Wow, what a coincidence. Our employees have been saying we need to improve our internal training experience.



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