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Phone Skills for Successful Sales Calls

Educate your sales team on best practices for interacting with prospects over the phone. The template includes an overview of best practices, which you can easily update or change to fit your training goals.

Video Transcription: Phone Skills Sales Training

Phone calls, they can be tough. We know. So many things have to go right. Let's go over some of the things you can do during your calls to ensure success.

  • Don't talk your prospects' ear off. Listen to them. So you can understand who they are and what they need to accomplish this. And you're no longer a salesperson, but a trusted advisor.
  • When you do speak, make sure you're not only heard but understood. Speak clearly and precisely. You don't want your prospect to miss anything you say.
  • Your notes need to be thorough and understandable. Don't just write down your prospects' answers, but also your questions. You should be able to look at these notes in 10 years and feel like you had the conversation yesterday.
  • Ambient noise is your enemy. Take care so that the acoustics in your call room are pitch-perfect. The only thing your prospect should hear is your voice.
  • Don't forget to have fun and smile. Yes, you heard right, smile! Your prospects can definitely hear that smile through the phone. Being happy and excited not only means you're having a good time, but make sure your prospect is going to enjoy themselves too.

Once again, remember to: listen more than you speak, annunciate, take careful notes, ensure good room acoustics. Have fun.

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