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Team Intros (Onboarding)

Invite new hires to watch this template as a way to introduce them to each department on your team. You can edit the main character to reflect your own look and style and add a new voice-over recording to describe each team. This video introduces the teams in Vyond's US office. Note: The template does not include our custom characters.

Video Transcription: Onboarding Introductions

Hello, and welcome to Vyond. In this video, I'm going to introduce you to each of the teams here at Vyond's San Mateo office, and let them give you a little explanation of what they do.

The Vyond human resources team manages all employee-related activities. Which include recruitment, payroll, benefits, performance management, training, employee relations, and more, in order to ensure that employees are fully equipped to be productive and successful members of the company.

Our customer success department is broken down into four teams. My team, the support team, answers technical questions and video-making inquiries from customers, and to use our Vyond Studio expertise to help them make great videos. Our customer relationship managers on Erin's teamwork directly with an assigned group of customers, to help them be successful long-term.

IT in San Mateo configures and maintains the network and hardware for you. IT also works with customer success and clients to troubleshoot complex technical issues.

And our project management team organizes and tracks large company initiatives, like our rebrand project, or our ISO security and GDPR compliance.

The marketing team runs campaigns and events to generate awareness and promote our product. We create content to educate our customers about video and Vyond Studio. And we work closely with other teams to support their communication needs.

The Business Development team is responsible for securing and managing all technology in video production partnerships, resellers, and affiliates. Our team also manages small business sales.

Our sales team works to sell our product to large organizations. The team is broken down into two main groups. Inbound sales development reps work to set meetings with large organizations. And our account executives then work with those prospects to the point of sale. Once a large company becomes a customer, they are introduced to our customer relationship managers on Erin's team for onboarding and continued learning.

And finally, the accounting department is in charge of managing Vyond's receivable and payable finances. We also plan, audit, and generate financial statements to report on the health of the company.

Well, there you have it. That's our San Mateo office. I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction. Welcome aboard.


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