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The Quiz Game Show

Animated videos can make your eLearning fun and engaging by introducing an element of familiarity: well-known TV game shows! Unleash your creativity and capture the attention of your audience while also teaching them something new.

Edit the following video template and make it your own in Vyond Studio.

Video Transcription: The Quiz Game Show


In this emerald city, Capitol Hill is known for nightlife and entertainment.

[Contestant 1]

What is Seattle?


This icy adversary is responsible for sinking the unsinkable ship.

[Contestant 3]

What is an iceberg?


The Capitol building in this state is one of the only ones without a dome.

[Contestant 3]

What is New Jersey?

[Contestant 2]

What is New York?


This cast-iron statue evoking the goddess Minerva sits atop the US Capitol building in Washington, DC.

[Contestant 2]

What is the Statue of freedom?


Well, folks, that's our show. Thanks for playing.

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