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Types of Change Management

Learn about change management by enlisting on a journey through Changeland, a carnival of change management. This gamified eLearning video template is designed to help you learn about the four types of change management in a fun and interactive way. 

Not only is this video engaging and interactive, but the gamification elements help reinforce your learning and make it more fun and enjoyable. Whether you're new to change management or looking to brush up on your skills, this video is a great way to learn about the different approaches to change management and put them into practice in your organization.

Video Transcription: Types of Change Management

In this video, you’ll learn four different types of change management. Explore and learn, but pay attention. There’s a quiz at the end and prizes to be won.

Welcome to Changeland where change happens and improvements are made.
Travel through the carnival to get an overview of the different kinds of change management. Be sure to pay attention, for there are prizes to be won.
Let’s get started. 

You’ve entered the land of anticipation! Look around and learn about ‘Anticipatory’ change.

Let’s move on to the ‘Reactive’ booth. Their glowing orb looks intriguing. 

Welcome to the orb of reactive change.

This type of change happens in response to an event that impacts the company like new regulations or global events.

It’s time for you to move on and learn about incremental change. 

Welcome to my den where incremental change is on the table. Take a look around for yourself.
You have one more booth to visit. Hurry before it’s too late.

Welcome to my little island here at the carnival where any change is made strategically.

Strategic changes are made at a higher level and filtered down to the rest of the organization.
Examples would be a change in leadership or organizational restructuring.

You’ve learned 4 types of approaches to change management. Now, see if you remember enough to win a prize.

Welcome to our game room! To win prizes, answer questions correctly. The more you answer right, the bigger your prize. Let’s get started.
Great job! Use the lessons you’ve learned to find the right approach for your change management process.


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