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Video Resume

Opting for a video resume can be a fantastic idea. Video is a unique medium that few experiment with, giving you an advantage at capturing the attention of a hiring manager and securing an interview. 

A video resume will help you establish an immediate personal connection with the employer and it’s a great way to cut through the noise, whether you email your video or include it on a resume website. With the right video resume, you’ll be on the fast track to landing a job you love.

Video Transcription: Video Resume

Hi, I'm Kendall Carraher, a results-driven campaign manager skilled in creating go-to-market program plans and leading successful cross-functional teams.

I bring an eclectic mix of experiences and interests to my work as a marketer in my personal life. I love automotive, sports, wine tasting, my horse, and my two dogs.

I studied business and animal science at Colorado State and went on to start my marketing career at a major veterinary medical device company. Marketing has always been the perfect blend of the technical and personal, allowing me to use my deep skills and analytics while creating meaningful interactions for audiences.

My 12 years of marketing experience includes generating demand for leading tech firms, as well as a stint with Ferrari Maserati. Most recently, my career brought me to Box where, after a few promotions, I've come to work as a principal campaign manager at Box. I launched first-time industry and customer campaigns, lifted account activations and dormant user engagement by 7, and also exceeded attendance targets for annual BoxWorks conference by 140%

Here are some of the skills that I've relied on. I'm looking to continue my growth in a role that allows me to lead demand generation teams, and I think your organization could be a great bet. Get in touch with me anytime.

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