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What are stock options?

Many times, attracting the right talent requires offering coveted benefits that are appealing on paper but confusing and difficult to understand. Benefits like 401k matching contributions, expense reimbursements, and stock options. With this video, you can communicate your company stock option benefits with ease and efficacy. Simply edit and share this animated video with your prospecting candidates and impress them with the simplicity and effectiveness of video.  

Video Transcription: What are Stock Options?


Welcome to Zodio. We're glad to have you on the team.

Your offer letter mentions stock options, but what even are stock options? Stock options are a way for Zodio employees to share in the company's success. A stock option isn't quite a share of company ownership, but an opportunity to purchase shares of Zodio.

In other words, we're holding your spot in Zodio's investor table. Once your stock options are vested, you can choose to purchase or exercise stock options at a standard rate. When you join the Zodio team, you're offered 1,000 stock options that follow a four-year vesting schedule. The vesting period means that your stock options will incrementally become available to you over the course of four years.

Like most employee equity programs, our stock options follow a vesting schedule with a one-year cliff. That means you can exercise your first 250 stock options after your one-year Zodioversary. This is our way of thanking you for the time you serve on our team. The remainder will continue to vest or become available over the course of that four-year period. So long as you're still at Zodio.

For recommendations on exercising stock options, contact an independent financial advisor if you have any other questions about your offer letter. Just let me know.

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