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What is Intersectionality?

The theory of Intersectionality was introduced in 1989 and has reformed our notions of feminism, human rights, and anti-discrimination. With the help of intersectionality, we can acknowledge the existence of very complex and real systems of privilege and oppression. Furthermore, identities differ, and these differences lead to unique forms of discrimination that ought to be addressed for the proper functioning of a diverse and efficient organization.

Certainly, teaching about intersectionality will have a beneficial effect on any business for it will remind employees of existing policies that aim to help them succeed in their professional lives as well as reinforce their trust in your company.  Use the following video to inform your audience about contemporary efforts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by editing this animated Vyond video template.

Video Transcription: What is intersectionality?


You may have come across the idea of intersectionality when talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how intrinsic aspects of identity, such as gender, race, and age, shape the way a person experiences the world. Moreover, intersectionality acknowledges that discrimination like the individual can be intersectional. Racism, sexism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination can intersect to create a complex model of oppression.

The term intersectionality was coined by Kimberly Williams Crenshaw, a professor of law at UCLA and Columbia University. Initially, intersectionality had the mission of critically examining how the law operates regarding race and gender.

Understanding intersectionality helps us listen, introspect, empathize, elevate, and include the voices of those who have been marginalized. Lastly, having a more holistic understanding of what informs a person's identity can assist in building a workplace culture that is more inclusive and positive for everyone.

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