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Women's Suffrage & The 19th Amendment

This template video overviews some of the decades-long struggle—in addition to the clashes within the movement—that led to achieving voting rights for women. 

The video is also a nice example of using real photos to tell a compelling story with Vyond. The pictures included above depict the better-known aspects of the Women’s Suffrage movement as well as many of the forgotten women of color who fought for voting rights but are often excluded from history.

While we cannot legally distribute these photos to you by way of a template video, you can re-add them on your own by accessing the public domain images from the links included in this document (please first confirm that the images are in the public domain in your country of usage). The numbers in the document correspond to numbers in the template video that will open in your Vyond account. To replace some of these images, you will need to utilize the masking feature.