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Youtube Bidding Strategies

Your marketing strategy can benefit from an explainer video that educates and engages the audience. On this occasion, we present to you different bidding strategies for YouTube ads. In this video, we discuss how much Google charges you for trying to achieve a goal. Setting up the wrong bidding strategies can make Google spend a large part of your budget on just a few conversions or website visitors. Therefore, choosing a bidding strategy that effectively aligns with your goals will lower your campaign’s cost and increase your sales.

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Video Transcription: YouTube Bidding Strategies

Hi, everyone. Adrian here from Vyond. Today we're going to briefly touch on three YouTube bidding strategies-- target CPM, viewable CPM, and CPV. First, let's talk about target CPM. As you can see, cost per mille is the amount an advertiser pays to get 1,000 views. CPM on YouTube refers to the cost per 1,000 impressions. This is a great strategy for driving awareness and building your brand.

Next is the VCPM, which is an advertising metric that stands for viewable cost per mille. It works by monitoring placement and how long a user plays your ad or video in the browser, so you only pay for a viewable impression. The advantage of using VCPM is that it works to optimize your campaign by increasing the likelihood of making a genuine connection with viewers, enhancing the quality of your leads, and driving higher conversion rates.

And last, there's maximum CPV. Maximum CPV, cost per view, is a bidding strategy where Google will only charge you if someone watches 30 seconds of your video or the full video. If it's shorter than that, these time and budget restrictions ensure you never overspend or pay for a view from a person who's not interested in your product. If you're interested in seeing more videos like this one, be sure to swing by our YouTube channel. And don't forget to tap the Like and Subscribe button while you're there.


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