Rapport Building with Employee Introduction Videos

Think back to your first days at your current job. Was it easy to meet new team members? Or were you feeling awkward in the lunch room surrounded by dozens of new faces?

Here at Vyond, our team is split between Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. It’s not possible to meet everyone in person, but establishing a quick rapport across chronological and geographical barriers is paramount to successful communication.

So, we’ve started a tradition of employee introduction videos. During his or her first few days, each new team member spends time creating a short biographical video to be sent out to the entire company. This introduction video helps us get to know the new hire — and these virtual connections improve our team relationships, and in turn, our product development.

Take a look at this introductory video created last week by Victor, the newest member of our customer service team. With no prior experience using Vyond Studio, Victor cranked this out during his first two days in the office. We were impressed! Victor’s mix of humor, templates, and creative storytelling made his video an international hit!


For us, employee introduction videos are an obvious training opportunity. Everyone at Vyond should know the ins and outs of our platform; first-hand experience is the best way to learn. If your company uses Vyond, this is a great first-week activity for new hires.

Victor is a welcomed addition to our CS team and will soon be helping customers via phone, email, chat, and Facebook. Welcome to the team Victor!

If your organization is using Vyond to create introduction or training videos, we’d love to see them! Get in touch at community@vyond.com.

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