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Vyond in 2023: Big Advances in Applied AI and Accessibility, More Happy Customers

2023 was truly a banner year for Vyond. 

This year, we brought generative AI technology into our platform that makes it quicker and easier than ever to make exactly the video content you need. We built new features and functionality in response to your top requests, including accessibility features like open and closed captioning. And we teamed up with two powerhouse partners, WellSaid Labs and Shutterstock, to expand your creative options even further. 

At a number of conference speaking engagements this year, our CEO Gary Lipkowitz talked about a future state where creating great video content will be as easy as saying, “Vyond, make me a video.” In 2023, we took a giant step closer to making that a reality. 

Here’s a more in-depth overview of what Vyond made possible for our users this year: 

Create scripts and rough-cut videos instantly—with Vyond Go

In June we launched Vyond Go—the industry’s first AI-powered script and video creator.

Vyond Go revolutionizes the way business communications are created: now you can build professional video content from scratch, in seconds, using the power of generative AI.

The Vyond Go interface is incredibly simple. You enter a few short prompts, and choose your preferred scene and tone. Then, in a matter of seconds, Vyond Go delivers a script and an editable output that combines script, storyboard, and first-cut video all in one. Use the video as is, or make edits within Vyond Studio. And that’s it!

Bring your creative vision to life, faster—with Video to Action and Text to Prop

Text to Prop

Can’t find the exact prop you need in our content library? No problem. Now, with the fall launch of our automatic asset creator, Text to Prop, you can now generate any prop you can imagine with the click of a button—all in Vyond’s native style. 

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Video to Action

You can now automatically bring your Contemporary-style characters to life just by uploading a sample video and applying those actions to your character. This new feature is already saving video creators significant time, and enhancing their storytelling abilities by making it easier to create realistic character actions and reactions.

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Create more accessible video content 

Closed Captioning, with VTT and SRT Export

With our new Closed Captioning feature, you can make your videos accessible to the widest possible audience. Automatically transcribe your voiceover, then export TTS and audio to an SRT or VTT file for use with courseware authoring tools, an LMS, or video-hosting providers. These captions exist as a separate file and can be turned on or off.

Open Captioning

In addition to SRT/VTT file generation for closed captioning, you can now add open captioning (captions “burned” directly into the video file) directly from the Vyond workflow—no manual typing or third-party vendors required!

Enjoy the benefits of our new integrations


In addition to our own ever-expanding library, Vyond customers now have access to over 3 million of Shutterstock’s library of images and videos right in the Vyond platform.

WellSaid Labs

AI voices from WellSaid Labs, the top AI voice platform built for the enterprise, are also now available in Vyond. A total of 66 high-quality English voices with 7 accents join Vyond’s voice library.

See how Vyond helped Enterprise customers reach their 2023 goals

As excited as we were to bring a bunch of helpful new features to market in 2023, the measure of our success as a company is ultimately whether we help fuel our customers’ success. Here’s how the L&D teams at a few big-name companies solved critical communication challenges with Vyond this year.

Whole Food Market reduced average video production time by 75%

“There’s not a day we don’t use Vyond,” said Bryan McElroy, Senior Team Lead of Change Enablement. “The ability to create something great in a day that used to take three, four, five days to complete–has been a game changer for us.”
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American Express created videos 25% faster using Vyond

“It’s much easier for me to use and has features that make the resulting videos a better quality,” said instructional designer Chuck Field. “We’re all saying, ‘this is a tool we can use more.”
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Cargill boosted engagement with their compliance content by 30-65%

“Using a tool like Vyond to present our content in a more creative and engaging way helps us maintain and enhance our relationship with employees, and we’ve been very successful in that regard,” said Christopher Annand, Director of Programs and Governance.
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