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How Vyond Solved the L&D Content Bottleneck at American Express

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Creating videos in Vyond took 25% less time than their previous video tool

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Founded in 1850, American Express is a globally integrated payments company, headquartered in New York City.


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The global learning team at American Express is tasked with creating content and communications for an audience of over 5,000 internal and external partners.

The team’s production volume was high, their graphic designers’ bandwidth was limited, and original content tended to be text-heavy and dry. The team needed a versatile tool that gave them multiple options for delivering messaging in an engaging way—and allowed their instructional designers to create some of the training videos without help from the graphic design team.

Instructional designer Chuck Field and his colleagues had been using another animated video creation platform but found the features limiting and the interface difficult to understand. So they decided to try Vyond.

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As an initial test, Chuck took a training video he had originally produced in the other tool and recreated it in Vyond. Instantly, he and his team were hooked.

“The thing I was most impressed with was the ease of learning how to use it,” said Chuck. “But what blew me away was the ability to continue a scene, which saved a lot of time over having to keep micro-adjusting characters and changing where they stood.”

Since getting Vyond, the team has shifted to creating videos with engaging scenarios and characters as a replacement or addition to existing text-based training. “We have some activities where we just have a text scenario and learners select the best response, but it's never as powerful as seeing a character and hearing their voice,” said Chuck.

They’ve also boosted engagement by adding animated GIFs to “generally boring” emails driving employees to visit their learning management system.

How Vyond helped

Chuck says that using Vyond for his training content and communications has been a huge timesaver for him compared to other tools.

“For me personally, it probably saved at least 25% of the time. It’s much easier for me to use and has features that make the resulting videos a better quality,” he said.

Qualitatively, the team has been receiving positive feedback from partners.

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments from the clients that they like the videos, and we're very client-centric,” said Chuck. “So our internal customers see the videos’ value and have asked us to create more of them.”

Additionally, and crucially, Chuck says Vyond has made it possible for more people on his team to create video content, reducing bottlenecks and project backlogs.

“We have a limited number of graphic designers, and Vyond now allows our instructional designers to create simple videos that have a lot of impact,” said Chuck.

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Based on the number of instructional designers accessing Vyond, the increased number of licenses and requests for access, we're saying, ‘this is a tool we can use more.’

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Chuck Field
Instructional Designer
American Express

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