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Employees and customers have explicitly shared their preference for video for over a decade. In 2010, executives claimed they’d pick video over text to learn about a topic as long as a video was available. Three years later, viewers said they could retain 95% of a message they watched, compared to only 10% of a message they read.

This craving for video content is still going strong today. Today’s employees don’t like text-based communications because they often miscommunicate their messages. Meanwhile, viewers will skim or multitask content that isn’t in a video.

These five slide templates will help you create videos for Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) presentations or GIFs for static ones. These moving elements turn uninteresting text-based presentations into engaging ones that attract and keep your viewers’ attention.


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1. Goal Progress Thermometer template


You can use our Goal Progress Thermometer template to showcase your team’s progress toward a particular goal.

A goal thermometer shows employees’ progress on a business priority. Visualizing progress encourages accountability and better performance, which are crucial to thriving.

You can use this animated PowerPoint presentation template to indicate progress toward any goal. For example, you can use it to contrast the number of onboarded employees or customers during the last month against your hiring or sales goals.

You can follow these steps to create your goal progress thermometer:

  1. Open the template in Vyond Studio.
  2. Scroll to the third scene, click on the Trees, and then the Mask option in the top right corner. You can then Replace Masked Content with an image related to what your team progressed on, like pictures of people to represent an increase in customers.
  3. Finish by editing colors, fonts, and text boxes.

You can now click preview to see the thermometer and the progress number increase, then download the template once it’s finished.

2. Quarterly Planning Presentation template

You can use the Quarterly Planning Presentation template to show staff the next quarter’s goals and the plan to achieve them.

When each team pursues what they think is best for the company without consulting other departments, they can work on isolated initiatives that don’t produce significant results. One solution is to define priorities and then host quarterly meetings to check if these priorities are relevant to the current market.

This PowerPoint template animates ideas related to the planning process, like an arrow hitting a target as a metaphor for what you want your staff to do and a magnet attracting customers. You can turn your template into a ready-to-export slideshow in a few steps:

  1. Click on Use This Template.
  2. Add your targets using the templates between scenes three and six.
  3. Write your action plan using the templates between scenes eight and twelve.
  4. Change icons and colors to match your style guide.
  5. Preview and download your project.

You can also finish the presentation by recording a voiceover—if it’s an asynchronous presentation—or including music to support your voice.

3. Video to Replace PowerPoint Presentations template


You can use the Video to Replace PowerPoint Presentations template to create a dynamic presentation of your product’s features and pricing tiers. The template uses transition effects, icons, and animated graphics that highlight your product’s value propositions for each pricing tier. For example, the template uses the star wipe to focus the viewer’s eye on the key-value you want to highlight. The star icons also help bring a positive, aspirational tone to your presentation.

Editing the Video Product Presentation template is simple:

  1. Click on Use This Template.
  2. Include the images, colors, graphs, and text that suit your presentation.
  3. Delete the audio track and add your voiceover using the Mic Recording option in the top left corner. Alternatively, you can drag and drop an audio file into the timeline.

If you want to add a few animations but ignore the product presentation structure, customize the scenes you want to add to your animated slides, delete the rest, and export the project.


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4. Annual Team Recap template

You can use the Annual Team Recap template to reveal the team’s performance at the end of the year. Performance reviews can motivate staff to excel the next year or validate the strength of an existing strategy.

This template is excellent for team recaps, as it comes with dynamic bar and line charts and animations you can use to highlight key improvements in your team’s performance. You can follow four steps to customize it:

  1. Click on Use This Template.
  2. Select the Bar, Proportional Ring, and Line charts.
  3. Edit the charts’ data using the Chart Data tab in the top right corner.
  4. Change the color of your “Best Months” to emphasize triumphs.

You can now export the entire project. If you only want to use specific animations, delete the scenes you don’t want to turn into a GIF and export the remaining ones as animated GIFs.

5. Metaphors for Content Marketing template


You can use the Metaphors for Content Marketing template to access visual metaphors that you can add to your PowerPoint presentations.

Metaphors turn complicated or obscure ideas into simple ones that your viewers can understand. And when ideas are relatable, viewers can better understand the importance of the situation you are describing.

Every scene from the template represents a metaphor, like time is money or bringing ideas to life. So, unlike with other PPT templates, all you need to do is open the template and export the metaphor you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation.


Use Vyond’s free animated PowerPoint templates to create engaging slideshows.

You can edit projects or individual scenes with a trial Vyond account at no cost. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can export high-quality GIFs or video PPT presentations that match the style—minimalist, modern design, or pitch deck—of previous PowerPoint slides or your company’s style guide.

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