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Experienced professionals working in the events and video industry have noticed that the wedding professionals who stay afloat during rough times share one trait: They are open to innovation.

To book more weddings in any season, you need to be creative with your portfolio and strategic with your marketing, this includes optimizing your website and other channels you may use. Moreover, video can be just the right tool for you to dazzle your prospect clients with everything you have to offer. 


Create SEO articles for your site

Millions of people use Google every day to inform their decisions, entertain themselves, or learn about a given topic. Hundreds of thousands of people search Google for wedding-related products and services, according to the search patterns—people search for wedding dresses, wedding planners, wedding photographers, and the list goes on. All of these people are or know potential customers. By writing SEO articles, you can reach these individuals and run a profitable business all year long.

Well-optimized articles are profitable in the mid-to-long term because Google sends a steady number of visitors to web results that their algorithm trusts. A page becomes reliable once it repeatedly proves to Google that it is the most helpful information in terms of page usability, expertise, relevance, and other variables for a given set of queries.

A meaningful first step to creating SEO articles to attract soon-to-marry couples is to identify the information people search for so that you know what to write. You can do this by starting with your industry. Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer. Type wedding photography into your search bar. Look at two results, in particular:

  1. People also ask tab
  2. Related searches section at the bottom

The people also ask tab and the related searches section will give you questions to solve and topics to discuss inside your article. These features represent actual search topics. The more answers you can provide searchers, the more Google may reward you by slowly sending your post to the first spots of the search results.

Done well, SEO can provide sustainable results. Once you optimize all your articles, you can use this guide to dive deeper into the craft.


Upload photos and infographics of your services to Pinterest

Pinterest is filled with aesthetically pleasing images, which—because weddings are such visually spectacular events—makes it an ideal social media platform to share the content of your wedding-related products and services.

Unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, Pinterest keeps showing your posts for days, months, and sometimes years after the day of publishing. Since your posts show up for longer, a single graphic can potentially introduce your services to thousands of customers without having to edit or reupload it.

Sarah, founder and wedding planner mentor behind Chancey Charm, uses Pinterest to expose her services to 854K Pinterest users each month by creating pins for each blog post she uploads on her website.

Another benefit of Pinterest is that it hosts people within the age of marriage. “The average age around the U.S. that people get married,” shares INSIDER’s data team,” hovers between 25 and 30 years old.” According to Pinterest’s audience insights, 27.6% of the 459 million Pinterest users are between 25-34 years old, meaning that more than 129 million people in the age to marry or consider doing so can see your pins.

Pinterest audience insights, gender and age. Part of our resource post "How to book more weddings with video"

Pins are the Pinterest name for posts. There are two kinds of pins: standard pins and rich pins. Standard pins are Pinterest’s default pins, and they carry basic information such as a title, description, and URL. Rich pins have these and more data points. They take information such as the most up-to-date pricing of your wedding packages from your website, upload it to your pin, and adjust it based on the changes you make on your site. Since users get a clear idea of the offer, they are more likely to purchase than if they saw a standard pin.

Pinterest has a resource with all the steps you need to activate rich pins from the moment you open your account. Once you complete their simple guide, it’s time to create appealing images for your articles and optimize each posts’ chances of being discovered. Jessica Foster, the lead SEO writer at Key&Copy, shares 12 Pinterest SEO tips to produce engaging images and videos that bring customers year-round.


Experiment with your sales funnel

Testing different ways of attracting, nurturing, or closing a sales lead will help you find more resource-efficient or profitable methods of running your wedding business. In the least desirable scenario, you invest a few days or weeks into exploring a new sales tactic, find out it is less effective than your current processes, and jump back to the traditional way of handling sales. However, if the new tactic proves to be more efficient, those weeks of experimentation will permanently increase your profit and available resources.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is one of the few ways to guarantee you reach your audience during seasons with few or no bridal shows and networking events. After setting a budget for your campaign, an algorithm will show your ads to a specific group of people inside a given platform: Google, YouTube, and Facebook, to name a few.

Valerie McCartney, a wedding business owner from San Diego, uses and teaches other wedding professionals how to reach the feeds of soon-to-marry couples through Facebook Ads. During an in-depth presentation on paid advertisement, she discussed misconceptions and tips on running profitable ad campaigns.

For example, she mentioned how Facebook’s boosting button, a paid feature to enhance the reach of a published post, only exposes your article to your existing fan base. Instead of boosting a post, she encourages wedding professionals to start advertising campaigns from scratch with the help of Facebook’s audience filters. Through these filters, you can determine the age, gender, location, and other characteristics of the couples you want to reach. So, if men in their 30s are your most popular lead, you can exclude anyone outside of this age.

Video testimonials

Video testimonials feature real customers in a situation where they praise the company’s product or service, serving as social proof for potential customers who are deliberating whether the company’s offer is worth it or not.


The benefit of acting as social proof and the fact that 79% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family members make having testimonial videos across your website crucial to increasing sales.

To start seeing and testing the impact of visual reviews, add testimonial videos to your website’s pages where a visitor might consider making a purchase, such as your homepage or pages where you feature your product. You can maximize the chances of seeing benefits from testimonials by—as the above video mentions—repurposing testimonials across all the platforms where your brand has a presence.

It’s simple to check the impact of video testimonials on your sales performance. Implement them on your website, let a few days or weeks pass, and then compare that timeframe’s conversion rate, total sales, and the number of received objections to the weeks when you didn’t have testimonial videos on your website.


Expand your portfolio to include video

Today’s consumers crave more video content than ever. 85% of the U.S. population reported watching online video content in January of 2018. The consumption of audiovisual information goes beyond regular web pages and applies to social media. YouTube has 1.68 billion worldwide users, and TikTok’s user base is expected to grow by 15 million between 2021 and 2024. With the growing interest in video content, wedding professionals have an opportunity to increase their revenue by updating their portfolio with services aligned with today’s demands.

Wedding-related videos

Miss Audio Video is a business that creates explainer and animated videos across different industries. They match the world’s demand for video content and their video expertise to offer caricature, personalized, and whiteboard wedding-related videos for soon-to-marry couples. Their Save The Date and Invitation videos share fragments of the story of how the couple met and eventually decided to engage.


Miss Audio Video uses Vyond, a beginner-friendly animation tool, to create these videos. Our set of tools provide you with the characters, scenarios, props, and tools necessary to create engaging videos. If it’s your first time animating, you can simplify your first videos with one of our ready-to-use love story or save-the-date templates.

Event broadcasting

Worldwide, local, and personal events can affect whether all of your customer’s invitees can attend their wedding. Broadcasting the experience can make distant attendees feel welcomed, but it can also turn your couple’s day from magical to stressful if they are the ones doing the broadcast.

As a vetted wedding professional, you have the expertise to lead the team behind the event’s broadcast and free couples from the burden of setting up multiple lavaliers and shotgun microphones correctly, controlling lighting, and switching camera angles to make the scenes enjoyable.


Book more weddings with new marketing tactics and wedding services

Expanding outside your primary offers and experimenting with marketing tactics can help your wedding business stay prosperous regardless of the season. Vyond’s set of tools allow you to reach new customers, whether you are testing Facebook’s targeted advertising through video posts to strengthen your sales funnel or creating a love story video for a client.

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