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Video is Ideally Suited for Microlearning

Across industries, companies want workers to regularly build their knowledge. But traditional learning methods—textbooks, lectures, online courses—are often too time-consuming to fit in busy work schedules. According to The Association for Talent Development (ATD), organizations must be prepared to facilitate a learning experience at a moment’s notice to capitalize on motivational windows before they close.

To that end, we recommend training employees with microlearning videos.

Some of the benefits of using microlearning videos include:

  • Takes less time to source, produce, maintain, and consume than traditional classroom sessions or longer-form e-learning
  • Fits perfectly into a continuous diet of email, messaging, and social media usage to engage learners
  • Respects working memory limitations and gives people the time to reflect on material and connect it to what they already know

To help you take full advantage of microlearning videos, we’ve built a five-part video series, blended with six detailed blog posts, to give you everything you need to start creating.

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