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4 Tips for Stronger Searches


Stronger searching can be the difference between planning a trip to Paris, France, or Paris, Texas. Here are four tips to take your googling above and beyond.

Catch the travel bug from your co-workers' vacay pics? Use reverse image search to find picture-perfect spots, even if you don't know the name.

Do your research using credible sources. Searching "Paris, France transportation" will bring up results from travel agencies, bloggers, and anyone with internet. Adding a site search like site colon .fr can help you restrict your search to info from local sources.

You can also use site search with a specific domain or website to find artwork from your favorite painter for a trip to the museum.

Pick a prime Parisian pâtissier with Boolean search. Find the best bakeries to get one of your favorite French treats by adding OR between two queries. Then again, why not have both? Bon voyage.