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Annual Report

As it is customary with most businesses, the approaching end of the year means reporting on the overall company health and annual performance to customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders. Ace your reporting with a vibrant animated video that conveys your metrics and key performance indicators with ease and efficacy. Animated reporting helps you translate complex and unappealing topics, such as data reporting, into something enticing, dynamic, and visually pleasant. And most notably, your content will be informative and engaging!

Video Transcription: Annual Report

[Dina Adebayo]

Hi Zodio, this is your CEO and President, Dina Adebayo. As a team, we've done some amazing work over the past 12 months, and it shows. Here is Zodio's Year In Review.

Our daily sales continued to grow, striking a much healthier balance of new and repeat business compared to last year. The volume of Zodio plans sold also went up steadily, with our Zodio Sun plan seeing the greatest uptick in November. New customers from last year make up a diverse representation of some of our key audiences, like HR professionals and C-suite execs. Speaking of our customers, here's an update from Willow in customer success.


Our NPS score went up 12 points last year, and nine out of 10 customers said they would recommend Zodio to a friend. We've seen a lot less churn, too, bringing us closer to hitting our two-year retention goal.

[Dina Adebayo]

That's all pretty amazing, and I'm so proud of the work we've done. Now, let's get out there and shoot to the moon.

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