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Cybersecurity Threat Spy Scenario

This template video shows how to talk about serious content in fun ways. The mock training video turns a password compliance lesson into a spy game.

Video Transcription: Cybersecurity Threat Spy Scenario

Good evening, agent. Your mission is to take down the evil Dr. Ogma. Here's the rundown on tonight's cyber attack at OGMA HQ. It's simple. Gain access spread the computer virus, destroy the data. Your destination is the application room located at the core of the building. There is only one way in.

First, climb through the Wi-Fi tunnel to the entry portal. Hide yourself in the incoming mail. There may be security guards on duty, but they seldom check. Once you're in the storeroom, wait until the right moment to attack. Your friendly disguise should protect you from being noticed. And the antivirus system is out of date, so you should slip past easily.

Next, find the application center, and do your work quickly. Install the virus. You may find that the computer is password-protected, but you can usually see the password written down nearby, or make it easy to guess. Once installed, the virus will spread immediately. Get out before anyone notices.

Good luck. I look forward to your update.


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