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Team Seas

Encourage your audience to get involved and support the causes you care about the most by creating donation drive videos.  These videos are fantastic at efficiently communicating your mission and inviting others to contribute with donations. The following video created by Vyond's video producer, Prakriti Rai, showcases #TeamSeas' mission of eradicating marine pollution by collaborating with non-profits in their efforts to preserve marine ecosystems. Create your own donation drive video by using the following template; tell a story, and inspire others to make a positive impact.

Video Transcription: Team Seas


Marine pollution is a massive problem. Our rivers, oceans, and beaches worldwide are defiled, negatively impacting at least 267 species and fueling climate change. Save the seas this holiday season without even leaving your home. Every dollar donated is worth 1 pound of trash removed.

Team Seas, an initiative started by popular YouTubers Mr. Beast and Mark Rober aims to remove 30 million pounds of trash by January 1, 2022. By partnering with two non-profit organizations, Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup, they intend to remove garbage from the ocean, rivers, and beaches. This is how they plan to do it.

With the help from Ocean Conservancy's Global Ghost Gear Initiative, they plan to remove lost, abandoned, and discarded fishing gear called ghost gear from the ocean. Team Seas will work with Ocean Conservancy to identify the world's most vulnerable beaches and send crews to clean them up.

Team Seas will also work with the ocean cleanup to tackle trash from the rivers with their interceptor technologies. The interceptor is a solar-powered robot that can collect trash autonomously. The trash collected gets weighed and then disposed of or recycled with guidance from local authorities.

Head on to teamseas.org to learn more or contribute by donating. With the new year on the horizon, change is due, so let's create a difference and help make our world a cleaner, better place.

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