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Fit February

Fit February is a month-long competition where employees form teams and accrue points for practicing healthy habits like exercising and getting enough sleep. The goal is to focus on your heart, so the more you get moving, the more points you earn, and the healthier you’ll be. We created this video to encourage our colleagues to take part in Fit February. Watch what we produced, then copy what we’ve made to use for your own internal challenge.

Video Transcript: Fit February 

Welcome to February, the perfect month to work on a happy and healthy heart. Only one in three adults accomplish the recommended amount of physical activity each week that they need. So Vyond will be running Fit February, a time to be motivated with your colleagues to incorporate healthier habits at work

There are lots of activities you can do around the office that will earn points for you and your team. Your health and wellness directly ties to the work that you do. While this is a fun competition with your coworkers, the real winner is your heart.

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