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Managing remote teams' mental health: Promoting wellness & self-care

Change takes time to process and right now there is a lot of change happening at once. Our work lives, home lives, and social lives are all different. When adjusting to change, it becomes even more important to practice self-care. Managers should encourage employees to take time to take care of themselves and this video offers a few helpful strategies.

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Video Transcription: Managing remote teams' mental health | Promoting wellness and self-care

[Narrator] Humans typically have a hard time with change under normal circumstances. Now with COVID 19, the world is learning new ways to live life and build community and work, which can heighten feelings of frustration, anxiety, and stress. It's important for organizations to lead with mental health in mind by creating a supportive space for teams.

Before COVID, almost 60% of employees never spoke to anyone at work about their mental health status. Many aren't aware of the resources available or are afraid to use them. So what can managers do to support their team's mental health? Lead by example. Being honest about your own mental health will help create that supportive space. Let's take a look!

[Manager] Hi, everyone. I've been having a hard time these past few days. Feeling a bit anxious about all the changes that are happening. I’m trying to focus on what I can control, so I decided to participate in our remote meditation session this morning as part of my self-care. It helped me feel a little calmer to start the day. Has anyone else tried the session yet? What else are you doing for self-care these days?

As a reminder, don’t forget that BusCorpCo wants to help you deal with the challenges of working remotely. If you need to adjust your schedule to accommodate childcare, caregiving, or sickness, please trust we will work with you to be as flexible as possible. I’ll be setting up weekly check-ins with each of you to talk about any concerns.

I’m confident in the work we’re doing as a team and appreciate that you’re all trying to adjust to your new work environment. If you’re experiencing feelings of self-isolation or having trouble adjusting, please remember you can reach out to me directly or to the Employee Assistance Program. This program is confidential and designed to help employees when needed. I know this is tough, but I also know we can handle this together!

[Narrator] Organizations need to ensure that their employees understand the mental health benefits and resources available. Be specific with phone numbers and websites. Reiterate organizational support. And, lead by example through honesty, communication, and compassion.

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