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Children's Books About Pride

Inspired by our Telly Award-winning video on Black Characters in Children’s Books, we created a brand new template sharing top-tier titles for sharing Pride Month with readers of all ages.

Give it a watch to discover some of the best books for broaching LGBTQ+ topics with kids, and create your own version to share with your audiences and working parents.

The book covers, colors, and characters depicted in the video above are Vyond-animated versions, inspired by the original book illustrations.

You can also find more LGBTQ+ training resources in our up-to-date guide for Pride Month.

Video Transcription: Children's Books About Pride

Reading to children about LGBTQ topics fosters inclusivity and belonging. Here are a few books for young readers that you can share during Pride Month and beyond:

Show kids the beauty of gender expression and identity with They, She, He, Easy as ABC by Maya & Matthew. In this fresh take on the classic alphabet book, readers get to practice calling characters by their correct pronouns while dancing alongside delightfully diverse watercolor illustrations.

Fairytales can be inclusive, too! Daniel Haack’s books Maiden & Princess and Prince & Knight show same-sex love within fantastic adventures of self-discovery.

This Day in June by Gayle E. Pitman—illustrated by Kristyna Litten—offers a colorful and joyous introduction to Pride Month, complete with an adult’s guide for talking about queer history, culture, and celebration.

Happy reading!

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