Mid-Summer Product Update

This summer we’ve made enhancements to team functionality, added version history, enhanced security features, and added a new set of healthcare assets.

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Version History

Version History allows you to look at, revert to, and make copies of any previously saved version of your video (your videos auto-save every 10 minutes). Version History also makes it simple to track changes on videos shared throughout your team – each version lists the name of the person who made that change.

Team Sharing

Vyond Studio Professional subscribers now have new options to allow easier sharing between members of your team, or individuals inside and outside of your organization. You can also control access rights for each individual your project is shared with:

  1. View Only: People can view the video
  2. Copy Only (New): People can view and copy the video
  3. Edit: People can view, edit, copy, and download the video
  4. Full Access: People can view, edit, copy, download, delete, and share the video.


Password Protected Video Sharing

The new password protection feature ensures that any sensitive information in your videos is protected. When sharing a video with people outside your company, you can now add a password, ensuring that your video will only be seen by the intended recipient.

Health Care Asset Pack

With more than 10,000 props, Vyond Studio’s asset library is second-to-none, and we’re constantly adding new assets to make it easier to create videos for individual scenarios and job types. Our newest asset pack is made for the healthcare industry.
The healthcare asset pack includes:

  • 20 Templates
  • 2 Backgrounds
  • 70 Props
  • 66 Actions
  • 24 Character Creator Components
  • 20 Stock Characters

Common Craft in Vyond Studio

Common Craft assets and templates are now available to Professional subscribers in Vyond Studio. Altogether, 2300+ Common Craft assets are now available, including 73 all-new Common Craft templates.


Featured Help Center Articles

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