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Switching From Legacy Video Maker to Vyond Studio

The new Vyond Studio

In May 2018 GoAnimate rebranded to Vyond and simultaneously released the beta of a new video-making experience: Vyond Studio.

The new Vyond Studio is faster, easier to use, and includes a new animation style. We’re excited about the improved preview experience, keyboard shortcuts, a new timeline, and much more. 


Why make the switch

The legacy video maker was built using Adobe Flash. While Flash used to be the standard application for running multimedia content, it’s become outdated as other technologies—such as HTML5—have emerged as faster, more secure solutions. We have HTML5 to thank for the latest improvements and for what’s to come in the future. 

Since Flash will cease to exist by 2020, so will our original, legacy, video maker. We encourage you to make the switch from the legacy video maker to Vyond Studio in the meantime. Vyond Studio is now our flagship platform, and we make continuous improvements each week. Find the latest updates here. Please note that if Flash is disabled in your browser settings, the legacy video maker will not work properly and you may experience errors.

There is no cost to switch from the legacy video maker to Vyond Studio.

Change your default experience

Anyone who became a customer prior to May 6, 2018 needs to manually switch their default experience from legacy to Vyond Studio. Anyone who started a free trial or became a Vyond customer after May 6th already has Vyond Studio set as their default experience. 

Here’s how to change your default video-making experience:

1) Click on Account Settings.

Account Settings

2) Click on Default Experience.

3) Select the preferred experience and click Update.

After making this change you will still be able to switch back to the legacy video maker. 

Migrating legacy assets

When you switch to Vyond Studio, your previously created custom characters and imported assets will be automatically available. You can now delete your duplicate characters and assets too!

Videos created on their respective platforms are non-transferrable – this means a video created in legacy cannot be transferred or moved to Vyond Studio, or vice versa. At this stage, there is no way to migrate videos or scenes from legacy to Vyond Studio. We’re actively working on incorporating video migration and want the transition to be as smooth as possible, and we will share more specifics with you soon.

In the meantime, you are still able to switch back and forth between the two platforms to retrieve your original videos. Please see the images below to see where you can change your experience. To do so, simply select the option in the settings drop-down menu in the top right corner of “Your Videos” page.

Going from Vyond Studio to the legacy video maker:

Going from the legacy video maker to Vyond Studio: