How To Name For Your Demo Video

One of the most powerful pieces of marketing for any product is the name of the product. It’s no different for a demo video. Like the countless brands and flavors of cereal on the shelves of your supermarket, video sites are packed with choices and the name alone can be your chance to catch your customer’s attention. But unlike physical products in a store, you can steal a few tricks from SEO to optimize your efforts (remember, YouTube is owned by Google!).

To name your demo video, start with making an extensive list of descriptive words. Write down places, things or actions that take place in your video or are somehow related. This list of words will help you create a descriptive video title. Remember, very few people click on a video called “Really awesome and cool!” even if it is. We like to know what we’re signing up for.

When you have 20-30 words on your list, go to Google’s AdWords to find synonyms that have higher search volumes. This helps you find what people are searching for that is related to the topic of your video.

Just like SEO on a web page, you’ll want to find a balance between high search volume and low competition — for example, if your demo video is about a exercise tracking and “morning workout” has an especially high search volume, you may want to pick something more specific so users will actually find you. Another reason to pay attention to SEO is because your title will be used to make the HTML meta tags Google puts on the page your video resides.

Now that you’ve put together your word list, narrow it down to the words that are most attractive and evocative. Two words can mean the same thing, but one might be more exciting, and you want to grab someone’s imagination (in addition to Google’s bots).

Once you’ve got it down to five or so words, begin planting them into a phrase or sentence. Keep it short so the entire title will appear in a Google search — Google usually cuts off the title at 66 characters. Clean, non-truncated search listings tend to have higher click-throughs.

Finally, ask yourself a few questions: Is it more important to you that your demo video be discovered by search or spread through word of mouth? If you want search engine traffic, be sure the title chosen is descriptive and elicits the topic of the video. You might even choose to include the word “video” in your title, to reach people who are using a general search engine rather than a video site.

For virality, make sure the title is memorable. One example is the Marcel The Shell series on YouTube — the title rhymes and is unique, so when someone wants tells a friend about it, they don’t have to think too hard to remember what the video is called.

These tips are a framework for choosing a title for your demo video. You’ve created a compelling, quality video and developing a great title is the last step in optimizing your results. Spend a little extra time to ensure that your video has viral potential. An effective title has the potential to make a popular video into a wild success.