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Videos create emotional responses in viewers that drive them to engage with your brand, whether that’s sharing photos of your products on social media or making the leap to place an order.

It used to be the case that you needed to have a big marketing budget and production staff to create videos for your business—not the case today. Thanks to software like Vyond, all types of businesses can easily create their own videos.

And templates speed up the creation process. They come with the necessary design elements—text, characters, props—for you to edit so you can have a video ready to go in minutes and modify it again for future videos.

Ready to get started? Here are a few Vyond video templates to try out in your next campaign. Vyond customers will be able to download videos created from these templates. Everyone else will have the ability to modify templates on a free trial and share a link to a watermarked video.

Highlight a Sale

Static images of online sales have become an expectation of shoppers when they visit online stores. They reach the homepage and barely notice a “Sale!” banner at the top because almost every other shop has one too.


Catch customers’ attention by making your sales move with a video. Unlike a static ad, the movement of a video promotion grabs shoppers’ focus from their peripheral vision. Stopping to watch the video, customers have more time to consider using your discount than they would if they just saw a static ad.

To create a video for a sale, use the template below:

To open this video and make your own edits, sign into a paid Vyond account or free trial and then click here to open this template video in your account. 

Once you have the template loaded in your Vyond account, you’ll want to make a few quick edits to it so that it’s uniquely designed to attract your customers. Here are a few editing suggestions:

  • Identify which items are for sale. When companies don’t mention which items are discounted, customers are less motivated to check out the sale—they don’t know if it applies to a small section or the entire inventory. Name which items are a part of the promotion so customers feel confident in engaging with the sale. Show these items in your video using animated or real images. 
  • Give an idea of the sale’s time frame. Your customers can’t participate in the sale if they don’t know when it begins and ends. Making this time frame clear keeps buyers in the loop. And as a bonus, it also builds hype and FOMO around your sale so customers are excited and ready to use the discount.

Once you’ve customized the template, publish the video of your promotion on your business’ homepage so customers are immediately aware that they can use the discount. Additionally, you can include it in an email to customers about your promotion, or you can share it on social media or use it as an ad.

Encourage Customers to Create UGC

User-generated content (UGC) campaigns have become a low-cost, yet powerful way to spread brand awareness. Thanks to Instagram, your business’ loyal customers can spread the word about your brand quickly with a hashtag.


But before your customers can spread brand awareness through UGC, you have to make sure they’re aware of your UGC campaign so they can participate. Contributors to UGC campaigns are visually-driven, so a video is a great way to spread the word about your UGC campaign. Seeing a well-designed video that clearly shows which hashtag they should use will drive users to participate in your campaign.

To create a promotional video for your UGC campaign, use this smartphone frame template.

To open this video and make your own edits, sign into a paid Vyond account or free trial and then click here to open this template video in your account.

When you customize the template, here are a few editing tips that will drive users to participate in your campaign:

  • Clearly show the hashtag. Bold the hashtag of your UGC campaign and set it to a large size so viewers clearly know how to follow your campaign.
  • Highlight any rewards of the campaign. Many companies include some sort of reward, like being a featured post on their social media account or being entered in a contest, in their UGC campaigns. Make sure you clearly show what this reward is in your video so customers are driven to participate in the campaign.

Since UGC campaigns are already on Instagram, this social media platform is a great way to share your UGC promotional video. Already on Instagram, users can easily post a photo with your UGC hashtag after seeing the ad.

Another great way to share the video is to include it in an order confirmation email. Your customer is feeling excited about your brand since they just placed an order, so it’s the perfect time to ask them to share a post with your UGC hashtag.

Promote Brand Events

Whether it’s a webinar or a conference appearance, company events are typically promoted through a text-filled email. Businesses want to make sure that they’re clearly communicating the important event details and other newsletter information, so they rely on a long message to get the info across.

Conveying key event details is essential if you want customers to attend, but you also don’t want to scare away recipients with too much text.

To keep your customers engaged, it’s better to start your event announcement with visuals. Adding a GIF to start the message or linking out to a short videowill share the key info of the event in a fun visual way before diving into the nitty-gritty details. Try this template below to create your promotional video for your webinar or other company event.


To open this video and make your own edits, sign into a paid Vyond account or free trial and then click here to open this video template in your account.

While this video shouldn’t be loaded with information, you want to balance engaging visuals with enough key details so that your customers know how to attend the event. When customizing the template, here’s the information that you may want to include:

  • Logos to convey who’s hosting the event. For example, include a Facebook logo if you’re hosting a Facebook Live webinar or include a conference logo if you’re promoting your attendance at the event. Including these images is a quick way to communicate the event you’re promoting so customers stay engaged.
  • Keep it mostly visual with minimal text. You don’t want your video to be the equivalent of a long email—keep it engaging by sticking mostly to visuals. It’s best to include some text, though, to convey the essential details of the event: the time, date, and location.

Including this video at the top of a promotional email for the event is a great way to quickly attract customers and urge them to click through instead of losing their attention to a large body of text.

Highlight Testimonials

Many companies will include testimonials from customers on their About Us page as text quotations. These statements always paint the business in a favorable light, but they can only convey so much. Without seeing the expression or hearing the voice of the speaker, it’s hard to appreciate how positively they feel about a business.

Adding video testimonials to your site fully expresses the emotions of your customers. Hearing and watching these speakers, other potential customers are going to find the testimonials more believable than if they had read them as text.

Use this template to showcase various testimonials.

To open this video and make your own edits, sign into a paid Vyond account or free trial and then click here to open this video in your account. Voice audio from the video above will not be included in the template.

Animated video is especially great when you only have written testimonials on hand. Without live-action footage, you can still make the testimonials come to life with animated expressions and a voice-over audio clip.

With the template, here are a few strategies for creating a powerful, convincing testimonial video:

  • Start with live footage, if you have it. An easy, yet engaging way to vary the visuals of your testimonial video is to start with live footage of the customer speaking, and then fade into the animated version of the same customer. Or, use animation as “b-roll” to visualize the main points and keep your viewers engaged.
  • No need for text bubbles with audio. Usually, if you have audio of the customer speaking, a text bubble is just distracting—they are, however, quite useful if you want to showcase a quick statement from the customer without audio.
  • Ask customers to send you an audio file. If your customers are happy to provide a testimonial, but there’s no way for you to get them on camera, ask them to send you a recorded testimonial from their phones. Add them to this template and swap out the character for one that looks like your customer.

These animated testimonials can be featured on your company’s site, on YouTube, as advertisements, and in email campaigns along with other success stories. Your subscribers have already expressed interest in your brand, so they’re going to be receptive and interested in videos about others who have enjoyed your company’s work.

Announce a Product Launch

Product launch announcements are an exciting moment for both you and your customers. Already loyal to your brand, your customers are thrilled when they hear you’re releasing another product.


Your announcement has to reflect this positive energy to drive customers to participate in your launch and buy your new product. Videos are especially great at sustaining that energy. The movement in the video with the addition of bright, fun visuals keeps your customers engaged and excited about the release of your new product.

To create a video announcement of your product launch, use the new product launch template below:


To open this video and make your own edits, sign into a paid Vyond account or free trial and then click here to open this template video in your account.

Whether a video or not, product launch announcements need to give customers just enough information so that they’re excited to learn more about the product at the launch. Here are a few tips for what to include in your announcement video to attract customers to the launch:

  • Clearly state where and when the product launch is happening. Customers need to save the date if they’re going to attend the launch and buy your new product.
  • Share just enough remaining details to build suspense. Some companies will leave their announcement as vague as “we have big news.” Consider how much information you want to share to keep customers engaged and curious.

Your product launch announcement video should be distributed by email and through social media, especially if the launch is happening through a social media platform. 

Create Compelling Campaigns with Video Templates

Video is often the missing link that makes a campaign click for customers. Unlike a static ad or a long, text-heavy email, a video can feature changing scenery, audio, and human behavior. With this combination of elements, videos drive emotional responses from customers that leave them remembering and loving your brand and products.

Any marketing team can add a powerful video to their campaigns today. Templates make it even easier. With design elements already in place, you only need to spend a few minutes editing the template to create your video. Try out the Vyond templates in this guide, and you’ll be set to create captivating videos for your campaigns.

How to Use These Video Templates 

The five templates in this post are free to try with a paid account or 14-day free trial of Vyond. Customers can download and share.

Follow these steps to access the templates:


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GoAnimate is now Vyond. Learn more about the changes. 

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