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Employees are facing unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in their day-to-day work lives, and a strong internal communications strategy is critical to keep teams aligned. Nevertheless, 60% of employers do not have an internal communications strategy, and only 13% of employees feel their leaders share information effectively.

Building an effective internal communications strategy calls on leadership to reimagine their internal communication tools. Email is no longer the reigning channel for distributing information, and its successors (like Slack) require careful implementation to avoid further fragmenting internal corporate communications.

In this article, we’re going to look at one of the most powerful internal communications tools in any employer’s toolkit: video. This year, Vyond is dealing you in with 52 ideas to improve how you communicate. Here are four inspiring examples of how to use video as an internal communications tool:

  1. Rally Your Team
  2. Make Your Own Memes
  3. Introduce New Employees
  4. Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

4 Ways to Use Animated Video for Internal Communications

Roughly 93% of enterprises viewed video as a way to empower employees to share information, and it’s no wonder why. Video is a naturally engaging way to communicate, and animation makes it easy for anybody in the organization to quickly build dynamic messages that make an impact. Take a look at these four ideas for using video in your internal communications:

1. Rally Your Team

Whether you’re inviting the team to a training session or getting them excited for a wellness initiative, video is a great way to rally the team.

On the Vyond team, we’re big fans of heart health. When a few employees suggested an office fitness initiative, the HR team rose to the challenge by producing rousing promotional video above.

The great thing about videos like these is that they provide a channel for both distributing information and calling employees to action. In this case, Vyond’s director of human resources was able to engagingly illustrate why fitness matters and also introduce the Fit February initiative.

Want to challenge your own team with video? Vyond customers and free trial users can import this video as a customizable template.


2. Make Your Own Memes

Even if you don’t want your videos to go viral, making your own memes is a powerful way to build team rapport. Even a quick GIF is a great way to bring folks together.

These funny pop-culture references aren’t just good for levity, either. When used correctly, memes can be a finely-tuned internal communications tool to inspire creativity, bolster morale, and encourage collaboration.

Within moments of Senator Bernie Sanders’ appearance at the 2021 United States Presidential Inauguration, he became an internet icon for his begrudging body language and wool mittens. Vyond team members Marco and Asia got inspired to create their own take on the prolific meme, and so they reached for Vyond Studio.


Within 24 hours of being shared on Vyond’s internal communications platform, the meme energized members from across the organization to build on the video together. Team members from customer success, digital marketing, community management, and video production all came together to collaborate in a cross-functional way. Memes can bring teams together, and you can even create your own memes to communicate with employees in an entertaining way.

If you have a Vyond account, you can click the button below to use Marco and Asia’s meme as an editable video template.


3. Introduce New Employees

If the Bernie meme didn’t yet convince you of our digital marketing manager’s endless creativity, check out her intro video!

Bringing new employees onto the team is an exciting yet daunting adventure. In a remote landscape with distributed teams, the need to help them make a personal connection with new colleagues is all the more critical. The solution: invite new hires to introduce themselves with video!

At Vyond, all employees are invited to use Vyond Studio to create a short video introducing themselves. Making a new hire video is a fun addition to the onboarding checklist that has a huge impact, forging personal connections across the entire team. Beyond HR, introduction videos are a great way to connect with any audience: from sales prospects to existing customers.

Asia’s introduction video (above) is an especially impressive example of making a first impression with animation. Take a look at her clever use of humor, camera movement, and color in particular.

If you have a Vyond account, you can use Asia’s example as a jumping-off point to create your own introduction video.


4. Promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Training videos can—and should—be a key element of building a collaborative, supportive, and safe workplace. Employers and employees share a responsibility for developing an organizational culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Video is a great internal communications tool for promoting DEI initiatives and bringing your team’s cultural literacy up to speed. Animated videos, in particular, allow you to make space for these topics in your internal communications action plan while giving them the care, nuance, and psychological safety they deserve.

Take it a step further by giving everybody on your team access to a tool like Vyond, allowing them to share stories they care about. While you’re at it, teach them how to make their videos accessible for everybody.

The above video is a great example of how a short video can make a lasting impact when included in your internal communications. By educating team members on cultural traditions like Juneteenth, you can engage them in a much more meaningful and memorable way than with a memo.

This Juneteenth explainer video is available to Vyond customers as an editable template video.



Make video part of your internal communications strategy.

When it comes to how your team communicates, play with a full deck. Vyond gives everybody on your team the power of video with its build-it-yourself animation studio. With a robust library of inspiring examples and template videos, you can easily create media that moves. See if Vyond is in the cards with our free 14-day trial.