Greystack Digital Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that helps its clients throughout Greater New York’s Hudson Valley connect and interact with their customers and prospects online. The firm designs and develops websites, creates digital content, enables clients to engage in email and newsletter marketing, develops mobile applications and offers many other digital services. Founded by technology industry veteran Jamie Troia in 2008, Greystack often recommends that clients include videos on their homepages.

“It used to be that a well-designed website was good enough for credibility,” Troia says, “but now, having video on the site is one of the trust markers that people look for to lend credibility to a business. A good mix of text and graphics will help a site show up higher in search results, and video helps it rank even higher. It makes a lot of sense to use these types of tools.”

The Challenge: An Easy, Affordable Video Platform

Troia was determined to find an easy-to-use method of creating videos for Greystack’s own site as well as the websites of its clients. He has had some experience with vendors who produce videos, but those productions were too expensive for his small business. So he shifted to finding tools that would allow his team to create their own videos.

He researched a number of tools and was particularly interested in Vyond. “When I started searching online for video platforms, Vyond was in the sweet spot of what we wanted to do and wanted to pay,” Troia says.

The Solution: A Great Fit with Vyond

In using Vyond to create animated videos, Troia found, “We could produce very high-quality video with resources that weren’t high-end graphic designers. It was a great fit for us.” His team created an explainer video about Greystack that was posted at the top of the agency’s homepage; and he has used Vyond to create a number of other videos for client homepages and social media campaigns, as well. The clients found the video-specific license to be an insignificant cost versus the cost of a vendor-produced video.

For Greystack’s video, the team first brainstormed ideas and came up with a succinct script. They broke the script into storyboards and considered the images that would best illustrate each frame in the video. They searched Vyond’s assets to see which themes had the most coverage for the images they needed and supplemented those assets, when necessary, with other images that Greystack created in-house.

“For us, the speed of development and ease of use were the most important features of Vyond,” Troia says. “We didn’t need advanced graphics or production skills. I was blown away by how easy Vyond was to use. From Day One, I could produce professional-looking video, even though I knew nothing about animation and can’t draw worth a lick.”

Troia also liked the ability to create new characters on the fly with Vyond. “If a character wasn’t available, I could use Vyond’s Character Creator to build his face and mold it to our specifications. That was fantastic!”

The Results: More Visitors Spending More Time on the Site

Troia observes that Vyond increased visitors’ engagement with Greystack significantly on the site and on social media outlets. “We tried to get as many people as possible to engage with the video,” he says, “and to get more people to stick with it in its entirety.”

He reports that over the two-month period after Greystack posted the video, its website traffic rose 250 percent. Furthermore, according to Troia, Greystack’s leads have increased more than 40 percent as a result of people downloading the call to action mentioned at the end of the video.

“Visits to multiple pages on the site are up 200 percent since implementing the video,” he says, “and visitor time on our site is up about 400 percent since we added video to our pages.”

With such a successful start, Greystack has big plans for its future use of video. “Our vision is that, over the next two years, video will be 75 percent of all website content,” he asserts. “You will have a Web of pages hosting video. We’re moving toward that with a plan to have a homepage video that explains the company and then a deep-dive video to explain each of our service offerings. Video is going to tell the story of business on the Web over the next two years.”

Watch Greystack Marketing’s video below: